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Anyone have one & are fairly active on it? I’ve noticed a lot of people from my friends list have stopped using it the last several months. I neeeeed some new friends. I like having people that I can help motivate and those who are active enough to motivate me on occassion. 

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Don’t ever put your happiness in someone else’s hands. They’ll drop it. They’ll drop it every time.

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Why do you care so much what other people think? When people laugh at you, they’re depleting their own karmic reservoir.
Topanga Lawrence (Boy Meets World)

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dietbet: Round one ends tomorrrrrow

Tomorrow is my 1st official weigh-in for my dietbet challenge! I’m so nervous. I definitely had slacker days where I could have done more, but I did push myself quite a bit. Thanks to Zombies, Run 5k! I LOVE that app.

I was supposed to lose like 7ish lbs… we shall see. Auto immune disorders make it super hard to lose weight.. with the chronic pain & horrendous metabolism (among other things.) BUT considering I usually lose weight when I try this hard at about…2lbs a month, I’ll be uber excited if I lost MORE than that. I don’t wanna lose my money this round, but will still be super excited about the loss. Maybe it will motivate me either way to kick my rear a lil harder on those slacker days! Ahhhh. *Crossing my fingers*