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The New Me
It does not matter if you are a rose or a lotus or a marigold.
What matters is that you are flowering

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i can’t believe that tomorrow is the 1st of halloween

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Diet Bet Official Weigh In #2

Soooo. Today was weigh in day. I did NOT make the goal that was given to me. I missed the mark by .6 lbs. POINT SIX!!!!!!

To be SO close, kinda sucks. BUT I’ve lost 14.4lbs total since I started this 6 month journey. To lose that much in two months is AMAZING to me. No drugs, no crazy diets.. just lots of exercise and trying to eat clean. With my disorders, it usually takes me all year to lose that much. So, I’m quite pleased with myself :) 

Gonna have to kick it up a notch to reach October’s goal!! I’m on it!:) 

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Life gave this dog lemons and this dog was like “HAHAHA TRY AGAIN NEXT TIME!”


this dog is my hero.


This is the best transformation picture ever